Thursday, April 16, 2009

Canine teeth before the Front Incisor -Baby?

MY 8 month olds first teeth were the two bottom front Incisor teeth, But now her top teeth instead of the top central Incisors, the Canine (or cuspid) are growing in. They even could possibly be the Lateral Incisors, it is hard to tell, Both sides on the top of her mouth, (she looks like a little Vampire...LOL). I have never seen this before, is this abnormal? Should I be concerned? Has anyone else went through this, Did the Front teeth come in? Should I be concerned?

Canine teeth before the Front Incisor -Baby?
I expect it to be no problem, some children will get some teeth sooner and others later, so I wouldn%26#039;t worry. You could take her in for a dental exam, but don%26#039;t think that they would be able to tell you anything more than I have and no x-rays would be taken at this point. The children I see rarely have missing baby teeth and the longer it takes for them to come t the less likely they are to get cavities.

This link will take you to a chart that give you more information -

And remember these dates are just a guideline.

Hope that helps!

JAMRDH - a dental hygienist (0f 15 years)

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  1. my baby girl did the same thing at 8 months (she's 9 mo. now). she got her bottom 2 incisors, then the top canines. Finally the top incisors cut as well, but she was called a vampire until then, too.
    I suppose what I'm worried about is that there doesn't seem to be space for the lateral incisors to come in between them, but if there's nothing that can be done, I guess there's no use worrying about it!

  2. my daughter is nearly 10months old and has had her 2 bottom insisors for about 2 months now. has been teething for a few weeks and yes.... she has cut 1 top canine. im glad shes not the only one but it is sure goona look odd :)

  3. Same thing happened with my daughter. Canine came in first before molar and incisor. Funny thing was that they posted it on a dental website, marketing my baby's situation and putting it on a print ad. Marketing for dentist wasn't bad at all, it was a great experience though.